About Us

RIMLegal Consulting is a minority-owned limited liability company established in 2008. Our head office is located in Washington, DC (half a block from the White House).

We provide information management advice and solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our services help boost productivity and cut cost by eliminating duplicate, unnecessary and potentially harmful data from clogging up the system or posing avoidable legal and reputational risks.

Our services also help businesses to better classify, protect and find information across the entire organization. With better access to relevant information, management can quickly find data needed for decision making and employees can find the information they need to do their work in a timely and cost effective way. To learn more about our services, please visit our Services page.


Priority #1: Deliver Excellence

At RIMLegal, excellence is priority # 1.  Whether we are working with a well established business or a start-up with limited resources, our objective is to deliver a level of service that exceeds our client’s reasonable expectations and adds measurable value to the client’s bottom line.