How should businesses manage the growing volume of information in the workplace in a way that lets workers find the information they need to do their work while reducing legal risks, costs and fines from the mishandling of information?

At RIMLegal, we help businesses tackle this challenge by providing practical solutions that address:

  • All media formats: electronic documents, hard copies, web, videos, etc.
  • Multiple business goals: legal compliance, fast data retrieval, cost reduction, staff training.
  • The full information lifecycle: from document/records creation or receipt to final disposition.


Services Overview

RIM Assessment

We review and assess the current state of existing information management policies, practices and systems, and their effectiveness. The assessment provides the basis for detailed analysis and recommendations. Click here to read more.

Legal Risk Assessment

This is a more focused assessment that aims to identify discreet factors that may impact a company’s ability to protect its legal rights, minimize potential liabilities in legal proceedings and comply with relevant regulatory and legislative requirements. Click here to read more.

Gap Analysis

We conduct a gap analysis based upon the findings identified in the RIM Assessment and/or the Legal Risk Assessment. The analysis is accomplished by benchmarking the assessment findings against industry best practices. Click here to read more.

Strategy & Recommendations

We provide specific recommendations to address gaps in existing information management practices discovered during the Gap Analysis. Click here to read more.

Electronic Data Management

We plan and implement electronic data management systems, including email management, vital e-records identification and protection, technology recommendations, etc. Click here to read more.

Records Retention Schedules

We develop legally defensible Records Retention and Disposition Schedules. The schedules help to ensure that information is kept a sufficient length of time to meet legal and regulatory obligations as well as ongoing business needs. Click here to read more.

Legal Hold Management

We assess legal hold policies and practices, identify risks, and implement changes where necessary to ensure the efficient and proper handling of legal hold obligations. Click here to read more.

Training & Education

We develop training materials and deliver management and employee training via in-person, web-based and other training methods. Click here to read more.